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Sorcerawr is a site that curates data

Sorcerawr is a site of secrets

Sorcerawr is a site of some kind

that does something for some reason

that does something for a great reason

Sorcerawr has movies and games

Sorcerawr has music

Sorcerawr has treasurez

Sorcerawr is a place to go

when you dont want to look up

the best of the best of the best of

the best of the best of

the best

Sorcerawr is a meme

Sorcerawr is in the matrix

Sorcerawr is a diviner

Sorcerawr is a magician

Sorcerawr is a sorceror

Sorcerawr is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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you should not listen to anything

text on a website tells you to do

you should not listen to anything dumb

you should not listen to anything ever

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because things and stuff and also yes

because skills are yaaaaaaas

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  1. Keep a healthy distance from friends who always ask, "What should we do?"
    Don't be looking for what's next, look at what is available now.
    If you already see this, you're already doing it, keep doing it.

  2. Rome wasn't built in a day.. this ain't Rome.

  3. Every level of society, industry, tech is about to get lit.

  4. "How do I be rich?"
    "Well, what would a rich person do? "

  5. If you do not recognize your own value,
    how the f is anyone else supposed to

  6. Poor or rich is the past I bring back into my future.

  7. If I am poor, I am being poor. I have been poor. I will be poor
    If I am given, I am being given. I have been given. I will be given

  8. joy != control over your environment.
    I'd be happy if I had an apple instead of this lemon🥲

  9. It is not Love OR Power.
    It is Power OR
    Love AND Power

  10. Listen genuinely and others will desperately desire to genuinely hear you.

  11. We want to share what we know now because we set an expectation that there will not be a time to say it later.

  12. We fall asleep until someone wakes us up..

  13. You can't see what you aren't looking for.

  14. I'd like some compassionate destruction with my order 🙏

  15. Pride says, "I know the truth. You don't."
    Good luck learning with that