I’m probably writing this more for me than I am for you, but I believe it is worth reading my letter. It’s been sitting here, tearing up thinking about these words - in a good way - that brings me to write.

I had a bit of a death of self the other day, and shortly thereafter, I watch this video with ‘Earl Nightingale’. He’s talking about universal laws and everything I already know and practice, and asks the listener to set a goal. So I write this,

“Goal: To love and be loved and share from my world famous platform, my sites and everything connected to them, to bring in passive income from donations and affiliate marketing and more. To have a voice heard by the top influencers and leaders, from which I give and pour out real value and effective change..”

And on this same night, I get invited to the Clubhouse app, where I spotted your profile, and saw how you left your phone number. And I think, “I’m going to make this site I’m building amazing. Then I’m gonna text her and show it to her and ask her what she thinks I should do.” And my mind floods with these possibilities. The best one ‘Maybe she’ll see me, really see me, and want to work with me, and launch me to the top of the world’, but. The infinite But. I have found that when I place in front of me this kind of fantasy, I stop moving. And I think I know why. I think its because in the past, I was carrying a victimhood. “please help carry me”.

I reflect back. And I see why I’m pursuing making this one site right now. It is not the same as a vision with no place in reality. I am not holding empty hopes. I have real value to pour into whatever I’m doing. I don’t need to ask for users’ attention, I can make them attract to me. I have the precious resources that are wanted. I’ve changed. In everything I do. And now, I get the feedback I’m looking for. I may be reaching a mastery level of providing curated resources to others, every day. I enjoy this, a lot. And total strangers, they quickly trust me, and they, well, they love me. Now, I may be one of those “attractive” people, that I’m channeling some kind of charisma or excitement for life that people respond to. And I know I can scale it. Being kind and helpful and supportive when it counts doesn’t hurt either. Nor does having the answers and advice others look for.

But its true, now anything that did not seem possible is possible for me. I am not super functional, but I have time and the internet and solid research and writing skill at my disposal. What is more important is that others in my world are seeing me as successful. They seem to think I’m doing much better than I am. I have faith from others on my side. More importantly, I can keep moving forward each day, pouring out into my world.

Part 2: